Bus to the Amazon

There’s a mud slide on the road and our 10hr bus journey has been stationary for almost 5hrs.

We’re about 2.5 hours out of Puerto Maldonado in the middle of the Amazon and despite it being the dry season it is bucketing down. We were meant to be meeting our Amazon tour guide over 3 hours ago to take us for a welcome cocktail in our Amazonian lodge.

We’ve adopted a saying from our Inca tour guide though – “such is the adventure”. We’ve been in good spirits since the bus stopped and have a deck of cards, music and our Kindles.

However, we haven’t eaten in over 12hrs and I’m pretty sure I’m going to need the loo soon and the toilets are rank.

Let’s hope our mood keeps up.

Things I like about Tul:

1. She’s insisting on calling our trip our ‘honey sunny’ as its happening before the wedding as opposed to after it.

2. Last week she asked a Spanish speaking Peruvian tour operator “Hablas Espaniol?”.

3. She’s putting up with the smell of my feet on this bus in which we’ve now been stationary for 6.5hrs.

Things I don’t like about Tul:

1. I haven’t beaten her at cards since last week.

2 thoughts on “Bus to the Amazon”

  1. Respect to Tul for putting up with the smell of your feet! Sounds like a true adventure of a bus trip. Hope you get your welcome cocktail at the end of it.

    Cut your hair yet Samwell?

    1. Compared to the toilets on the Inca trail my feet are nothing. Haven’t cut my hair yet but the Mohawk should be with us within the next week I reckon. Will keep you posted -:o)

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